Mountainworks (formerly International Alpine Design) provides specialized and comprehensive expertise in the assessment, planning, design, and strategy for mountain resort, recreation, and real estate based projects throughout the world.

Our storied legacy is rooted in over twenty years of internal planning and operations for the internationally recognized Vail Resorts group. We have since completed thousands of independent projects on nearly every continent of the world and established a firm position at the forefront of mountain planning industry.  This broad experience has provided our team with an understanding of the characteristics of a successful resort and recreation development and preferences of international, national and regional marketplaces. 

We recognize and value, however, that each project is unique and requires an equally unique design approach that respects and balances each of our clients specific needs, as well as those of the the end-user, community, and environment.  We also recognize that our solutions and recommendations must be cost-effective, economically viable, and work their bottom line.  Regardless of the size or scope of the project we strive to find opportunities to maximize efficiencies and increase values.  Through blending our expertise and creativity with the project specific economical, environmental, and social-cultural influences, Mountainworks excels at providing our clients with dynamic solutions that yield meaningful results and unmatched value for their planning investment.