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ARC Rooftop Ski Slope on Waste to Energy Power Plant


In year 2017, Copenhageners and visitors will witness a waste-to-energy plant that is not only one of the best performing European plants in terms of energy efficiency, waste treatment capacity, and environmental consideration, but also in terms of visual rendition and local acceptance.  The Amager Bakke waste-to-energy plant, now under construction, will contribute to Copenhagen's ambitious goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2025. When finished in 2017, it will produce heat for 160,000 households and electricity for 62,500 residences. In addition to the technological merits, the plant´s architecture includes a roof-wide artificial ski slope accessible to the public. And the roof will be more than ‘just’ a ski slope. On the rooftop green spaces for walking, running and other mountain activities will be established. 

The idea of integrating recreational green areas and industrial plants of this scale is not tried before. It has been important to client Amager Ressource Center (ARC) that the establishment of the recreational areas is not just an interesting idea, but a real deal that makes sense for users now and in the future and is financially viable over time. With its 85 meters (280-feet) Amager Bakke will become the city's largest "mountain" and pose a significant landmark for the city.

Mountainworks (International Alpine Design) was retained by the Client to collaborate with Architect Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) on the integrated design of the roof top ski slope, recreational amenities, skier service facilities and landscape architectural components of the building. The building was named in Time Magazine’s Top 50 of most inspired ideas, innovations and revolutions of 2011.




Images:  Bjarke Ingals Group (BIG) Architects