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Mountainworks provides clients with broad, multidisciplinary expertise in the planning and design of mountain related resort, ski area, base village, recreation, and community projects. Our expertise is specifically refined to meet the often distinctive needs of these alpine projects. As comprehensive master planners, we have the unique ability to carefully guide the client's vision from an initial idea into a tangible product.

During this design and development process, we utilize a diverse set of professionals in the land planning, landscape architecture, architecture, engineering, operations, and strategic services fields in order to provide a collaborative team that can meet the contextual goals of each project. Our services are wide ranging, from comprehensive and complex resort wide master plans to detailed and localized site plans. We can design a new international destination resort from scratch for one client while analyzing whether replacing an old fixed grip chairlift makes sense for another. Each project we undertake, regardless of scope or size, receives practical, integrated solutions that are cost-effective, user-friendly, constructible, and operable. We also understand that long after our plans have been created there are still many steps to bring the vision to reality, as well as unforeseen circumstances that require careful, creative adaptation. Our proficiency and thoroughness in this entire planning and development process - from concept through implementation - ensures our clients achievable and profitable results.