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(www.skistar.com)  This has been long-awaited – finally Hemsedal has a ski slope right into the town centre. A whole host of shops, restaurants, cafes and places to stay are now virtually “ski-in”, directly from the mountain.

The town slope connects Hemsedal town to the ski resort, providing guests with a new dimension for their Hemsedal stay. Apart from being a delightful run from the mountain down to the town, the slope will make a variety of shops, restaurants, bars and service offerings accessible by ski. A frequent bus service between the town and Hemsedal Ski Centre provides quick and easy transport for our guests back to the resort.

The town slope will be ready in time for the first snowfall of the 2014/15 season. The slope is 4 km in total and follows the natural terrain as closely as possible. The start of the town slope is at Fjellheisen and goes through the Djeveldalen and other areas. The difficulty grading of the trail is mainly blue. At the steep sections the slope has been provided with green difficulty side routes so that all skiers can use the slope to get to the town.

The new town slope will be a real boost for local shops and restaurants. Hemsedal currently has 550 commercially available hotel beds, with Skogstad Hotel, Fanitullen Hotel, Hemsetunet Apartments, Hemsedal Café Skiers Lodge and Saga Apartment being the main providers. Hemsedal also has 10 restaurants, bars and cafés, 12 shops, a Vinmonopolet off-license shop, a tourist information point, a bank, a hairdresser’s and a gym. The new slope will mean that these businesses will get more visitors throughout the day and make the town more attractive for hotel guests. 

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The Hemsedal town slope has been comprehensively planned and detailed designed by IAD.  Learn more about what we did by reading our insight post Hemsedal Town Slope Under Construction.