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(www.skistar.com)  Vemdalen with its three ski areas; Björnrike, Vemdalsskalet and Klövsjö, has seen significant growth over the last years, which has been made possible partly due to considerable improvements in the ski area. Another step forward is now taken with the total transformation of the Väst ski area at Vemdalsskalet.

Investments include the new Väst Express lift, a doubling of ski surfaces and a new, powerful system for snow production. The new Express lift will be ready on 15 November and  its official opening will take place on Boxing Day at 11:00.

Väst Express is owned by Skalspasset Linbana AB, whose shareholders are locally active companies  in the region. SkiStar, which is part owner in the company and investor in the snow production and new descents, will lease and run the new lift.

-          “Since one SkiPass in Vemdalen is valid without restriction at all our three ski areas, all our guests have reason to be happy about this news wherever they are staying”, says Anders Lundqvist, marketing manager SkiStar Vemdalen.

The total investment is MSEK 63, and is divided into MSEK 45 for the new lift and MSEK 18 for the new descents and snow system. The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket) and the county administrative board in Jämtland county have granted a total investment of MSEK 11.7.

-          “This is an extremely large investment for such a sparsely populated area as Vemdalen. We are very pleased that SkiStar and their MD Mats Årjes have put such faith in us. It is now up to us to justify our claims, and demonstrate that this investment will create growth and increased profitability”,  says Torgny Svensson, head of SkiStar Vemdalen

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IAD has been working with the planning and design at Vemdalen for over 15 years.