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Our 40 years of resort and recreation planning experience began in the worlds leading resorts of Vail and Aspen.  We have since completed thousands of independent mountain projects on nearly every continent of the world and have become recognized leaders in our field.  Today, Mountainworks represents a new standard in alpine destination planning.  We've built a team that is crafting unprecedented projects aimed at meeting evolving market demands, creating the highest quality guest experience and yielding the highest value for our diverse clients. 



We specialize in the assessment, planning, design, and strategy for mountain resort, ski area, recreation, and real estate projects throughout the world.


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From peak to valley, we provide mountain resorts, ski areas, recreation activities, base villages, and communities with master planning, mountain planning, site design, landscape architecture, and strategy services. We can design a new international destination resort from scratch for one client while analyzing whether replacing an old fixed grip chairlift or installing bike trails makes sense for another.  Each project we undertake, regardless of scope or size, receives practical, integrated solutions that are cost-effective, user-friendly, constructible, and operable.